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i grabbed my phone before anyone in the conference room could see the texted pic that had suddenly appeared on my screen. i moved so quickly, panicked and mortified that someone might have seen it, that everyone’s eyes were on me. I could feel my face flush red with embarrassment and i hastily got up and left without a word. What was there to say? i am a faggot whore who was being summoned to the Men’s bathroom by one of the married executives on the top floor.

His dick is glorious and it is a privilege to suck it, even if it does hurt my jaw and stretch my throat. If i keep Him waiting He gets angry and I have to take His piss when He’s done fucking my mouth. i’ve only had to do it once and it was so much and came so fast and strong that it spilt from my mouth and got my shirt and tie wet. i reeked of piss and had to scurry home to change.

He’s too large for me to deep throat without retching and we do have to keep it quiet. He promises to fuck me soon if i continue to obey Him but it won’t be here; i’m sure to scream like a stuck pig. Until then, i suck and slobber on His dick like a hungry bitch until He shoots in my mouth. He likes to see me hungrily gobble it up and swallow every drop. He rubs His swollen head over my lips coating them with cum and smirks at what a pathetic fag i am. i may lose my pitiful job but it’s worth it if i can be His cum dump whore.



2 Real Bears Bareback


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